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Builders and remodelers across the Brazos Valley region consistently place their trust in Maelee Construction & Services LLC for a wide spectrum of services, including dirt work, land clearing, construction cleanup, demolition, and more. Our team is dedicated to fostering transparent and trustworthy relationships with our valued clients. To stay informed about our ongoing projects, please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram by clicking on the icons and following our updates. 


Get to Know the Reason Behind the Foundation of Our Company!

Maelee Construction & Services, LLC was established in the year 2017, driven by a deeply personal and tragic experience that befell its founders, Brandy and Carlos Sanchez. The loss of their beloved daughter, Maelee Grace Sanchez, at just 18 days old, promoted them to embark on a mission to honor her memory and build a foundation to support others facing similar heart-wrenching circumstances. Thus, the inception of this construction enterprise took shape.

Carlos Sanchez, boasting over two decades of experience in construction and management, brings his extensive expertise to the company. Complementing his skills, Brandy Sanchez, with over 15 years of proficiency in office management and organizational aspects of construction, plays a pivotal role in the company's operations. 

Maelee Construction & Services proudly upholds its Aggie heritage, being Aggie Owned and Operated (Class of '08), and embodies the core values of the Aggie Code of Honor. Trust is at the forefront of our ethos, and we are dedicated to "building trust well."

In the year 20202, we were delighted to welcome Eduardo AViles, affectionately known as "Lalo," into the ownership and management team. With an impressive track record spanning more than 30 years of consturction, demolition, clean-up, dirt work, and remodeling, Lalo enhances our capabilities and commitment to excellence. 

Together, we are Maelee Construction & Services, LLC, driven by a profound purpose and a wealth of experience, dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service and integrity to our valued clients and community. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled level of service and responsiveness to each client, setting us apart as an exceptional local provider. At Maelee Construction & Services LLC, our clients are regarded as family, and we are committed to affording every project the same level of care and service that our own family members deserve -- nothing short of the best. Through our valued clients, we aspire to extablish the Maelee Grace Foundation, extending our support to those who have tragically lost an infant unexpectedly.

Our Core Values

Core Values represent the foundational beliefs and guiding principles that intricately influence a company’s culture, conduct, and decision-making processes. These values play a pivotal role in delineating the company’s unique identity and its unwavering dedication to its stakeholders.


Maelee Construction & Services LLC proudly upholds the following core values:


-     Customer-Centricity: We prioritize exceptional customer service, understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs to provide personalized and attentive support.

-     Excellence: We strive to go above and beyond expectations in everything we do, delivering high quality work and services that exceeds standards.

-     Punctuality: We value being on time and honoring commitments, respecting the importance of schedules and deadlines.

-     Accountability: We take ownership of our actions and decisions, holding ourselves accountable for delivering results and meeting commitments.

-     Integrity: We act with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions, building trust and credibility with our clients and stakeholders.

-     Inspiration: We aim to inspire others through our dedications, innovation, and positive impact, setting an example of excellence and passion in our industry.


These values serve as a bedrock upon which Maelee Construction & Services LLC conducts its business and interacts with its stakeholders, ensuring excellence, trust, and lasting success in all endeavors.

Members of Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association

Members of National Federation of Independet Businesses. 

Member of National Association of Home Builders